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Mybook White FeaturePacks
  • WebServer and AccessBook (White)   ( 7 Articles )

    Access ALL (including multimedia files) your files remotely via a simple web interface. Share your files with your friends...

    Remotely delete, copy, paste, upload  your files. You can even add thumbnails and descriptions to your files....



  • Transmission   ( 1 Article )

    Download torrents directly from your Mybook, to your Mybook, even when your windows computer is Off.

    Transmission is an open source torrent downloader, with a nice GUI web user interface.

    This Feature pack will automatically configure Transmission on your Mybook...


  • NZBGET   ( 2 Articles )

    (Registered Versions Only) This Feature Pack will help you configure the NZBGET news downloader on your Mybook.

  • MybookClone Feature Pack   ( 8 Articles )

    Plug an external USB drive to your Mybook and use it as a backup for your Mybook's DATA : You can also use this feature pack to Upsize a Mybook Hard drive to a bigger disk ( Single drive only).

    - System can be Cloned to the external USB drive, on SINGLE DRIVE Mybooks, in case of Hard drive failure, simply replace with original HArddrive with the clone and turn on your Mybook...

    - Data can be replicated your USB drives on a scheduled basis, using the rsync  incremental copy tool.

    - Check the status of the replication using the Status menu...

  • Ushare   ( 1 Article )

    The Ushare feature pack will install Ushare, which is a upnp server, less sophisticated and more reliable than twonky



  • NeufMediacenter   ( 2 Articles )

    NeufMediacenter Feature Pack will allow you to access and stream your Mybook's files from your French NeufBox.

    The following folders will be visible to the Neuf Box : Shared Videos,Shared Music,Shared Pictures.

    There is no configuration options, only these folders will be published to the neuf box.


  • NoIP Feature Pack   ( 1 Article )

    NO-IP is a Free online service that allow to affect a name to your Mybook (
    If your public IP Address is a dynamic IP Address, you will need this feature pack
    to communicate with the Online NO-IP service.

  • Cinedb AccessBook Plugin   ( 2 Articles )

    This AccessBook plugin will allow you to retrieve thumbnail and description from several movie web databases for your avi movie files.

    IT is a best effort Feature pack, do not expect 100% accuracy and success when trying to retrieve a description info for a movie.

    This Feature Pack is a Member only benefit .

  • OpenVpn   ( 4 Articles )

    OpenVpn Feature Pack allows you to access remotely and securely your Mybook , as if you were at home :

    Connect windows drives, access all the web interface you have at home, and even connect to other computers at home ...

    Installing this Feature pack is very Easy : all the configuration is prepared automatically ...


  • System_Configuration   ( 2 Articles )
  • ABSkins : Skins for Access Book   ( 4 Articles )

    Some Additional Skins to AccessBook ( The Remote Access Web Interface that is provided by the Web Server + AccessBook Featurepack).
    You can see previews of the main pages, Photo Gallery, File Manager  look and feel

  • Net2ftp   ( 1 Article )

    A web based ftp client that allows you to connect to an ftp server, even if you have not any ftp client installed on your computer, or if ftp protocol is blocked by some firewalls...

  • Flatpress   ( 1 Article )

    Flatpress is a nice blog engine if you want to become a blogger...

  • MP3Audio   ( 2 Articles )

    Stream music remotely via the web , from your Mybook World ...

  • mediatomb   ( 2 Articles )

    Mediatomb is a Upnp server, which is highly configurable. main advantage of this upnp server is that it can work with samsung tv devices.