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  • WebServer and AccessBook   ( 5 Articles )

    Access ALL your files remotely via a simple web interface on your Mybook Live device. Share your files with your friends...

    Remotely delete, copy, paste, upload  your files. You can even add thumbnails and descriptions to your files....

    Launch some specific actions remotely like unrar or zip folders...

    Use the Home Access, to easily access your data from a tablet device at home or to configure easy access to ressources for kids...


  • OpenVpn   ( 2 Articles )

    OpenVpn Feature Pack allows you to access remotely and securely your Mybook Live, as if you were at home :

    Connect windows drives, access all the web interface you have at home, and even connect to other computers at home ...

    Installing this Feature pack is very Easy : all the configuration is prepared automatically ...
    You can also use your home internet connection from remote location using the tinyproxy feature ...

  • ABSkins   ( 4 Articles )

    Personnalize your Mybook Live Access Book interface with new skins...
    Some Additional Skins to AccessBook ( The Remote Access Web Interface that is provided by the Web Server + AccessBook Featurepack).
    You can see previews of the main pages, Photo Gallery, File Manager  look and feel

  • Transmission   ( 1 Article )

    Download torrents directly from your Mybook Live,  even when your windows computer is Off.

    Transmission is an open source torrent downloader, with a nice GUI web user interface.

    This Feature pack will automatically configure Transmission on your Mybook Live Device...

  • Cinedb   ( 1 Article )
  • NZBGET   ( 2 Articles )
  • WakeOnLan   ( 1 Article )

    The WakeOnLan Feature pack allows you to remotely turn on a computer (WOL-capable) at home.

  • FileCopy   ( 2 Articles )

    Copy files from your Mybook to another share, or from another share to your Mybook,
    Jobs can be planned daily or weekly, to perform regular incremental backups.

  • MP3Audio   ( 1 Article )

    MP3Audio allows you to stream music remotely over internet from the AccessBook interface.

  • Roksbox   ( 1 Article )

    Share your Mybook Live data to your Roku Roksbox  ...

  • System Configuration   ( 0 Articles )