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Great Features for your Mybook in few clicks

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MyBook Blue Ring Feature Packs
  • Feature Pack Manager   ( 1 Article )

    This section describes how to install a new Feature  pack on your Mybook.
    The procedure will assume that you have installed the Core Features.

  • MP3Audio Feature Pack   ( 3 Articles )

    The MP3Audio Feature is an add on to Access Book that allows to display and stream mp3 files over internet via AccessBook :
    A new kind of folder (MP3Audio folder) is added to Access Book.
    These Mp3 folders will display MP3 files with an "Album approach" and will display MP3 ID Tag Picture and information ...
    Check the screen shots...

  • NZBGET Feature Pack   ( 3 Articles )
    This Feature Pack will help you configure the NZBGET news downloader on your Mybook.
  • Mybook Clone Feature Pack   ( 6 Articles )

    The Mybook Clone Feature Pack allows you to set up easily ( Click and play) a backup of the data that is stored on your Mybook to an external usb drive :
       - System Backup is available on Single disks versions
       - Data replication to external drive is available for all Mybook Blue Rings.

    The system Backup will make a real "Clone" of your Mybook System :
    In case of failure, you can use your external usb drive to replace the failed Hard drive, with no other operation than open your Mybook and plug your backup disk in it.
    This Feature pack  can also be used to Upsize your Disk to a bigger disk : Simply backup your system to your external USB bigger drive, then Synchronize all your datas to this external drive.

    If you have configured the email System Report ( this is one of the Core features), the Backup report will be added to your daily email report...

  • OpenVpn for Blue Ring   ( 1 Article )

    Connect securely to your Mybook and other home computers, as if you were at home,
    ( remotely browse your Mybook via a  network drive, logon to all your internal web interfaces etc...)

  • vsftp Feature pack   ( 1 Article )

    The vsftp feature pack will install a ftp server on your Mybook :
    it will be configured as a simple ftp server :
      - allowed users can connect , and upload/download
      - all allowed users see the same folder
      - all files are stored in the WWW/FTP folder

  • No-IP Feature Pack   ( 2 Articles )
    NO-IP is a Free online service that allow to affect a name to your Mybook (
    If your public IP Address is a dynamic IP Address, you will need this feature pack
    to communicate with the Online NO-IP service.
  • Kiss Feature Pack   ( 1 Article )

    Stream Media from your Mybook to your Kiss device ( tested on Kiss 588).


  • Transmission Feature Pack   ( 1 Article )

    Download torrents directly to your Mybook

    This feature pack will automatically install and configure the transmission tool to your Mybook...

  • Cinedb   ( 1 Article )

    Display your Avi files with an image and description retrieved from the web...
    check in a single view the results of Several Internet Cinema Databases for your Avi file,
    Select the best pertinence and update you accessbook vizualization with the retrieved information...

  • Ushare Feature Pack   ( 1 Article )

    This Feature Pack will install and configure Ushare ( Upnp / Dlna server )
    to be able to stream music and videos from your Mybook to any upnp / DLNA compatible device at home...

  • cups ( usb print sharing)   ( 3 Articles )

    Cups allows to share a usb printer, to allow each computer at home to print remotely to the usb printer connected to the mybook.