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Problem receiving your User Account?

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If you have made a donation, you will receive a user and password  a few hours later.

If you have not received this user and password account after 24 h , then there is a problem with the email that has beeen sent to your email.

This can occur if your email provider has strong antispam rules or if your email is not working correctly.
Please check that you can receive emails, and check your Junk email folder.

if you have checked and there is no mail,  send me a message via the contact form,  I will resend to you your user / Password via an alternative email.

If it is finally impossible to  contact you by email, then i will type the login information in the  "follow up" information on the Paypal Transaction and stop trying to contact you by email.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 17:10