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Mybook White Light First Steps

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If you purchased a Mybook World Edition White Light, and you plan to add some great features to it, you should start with the following first steps :

1) Identify the ip address of your Mybook :

Connect to your Mybook Administration interface

Login, then click the Network Icon :


Note the IP address information.

2) Activate SSH on your Mybook 

Click the "Advanced Mode" Link, then

Click the System/Advanced Button :

Select  the "Enable SSH" option :

then click the "Submit" button

3) Install PUTTY on your windows computer :

Download the PuTTy.exe tool from the following url :

4) Connect to your Mybook using PUTTY

Launch PuTTy.exe on your windows computer,then type your Mybook's IP Address :


Click the Open Button

login as root

type the password : welc0me

 ( Note the "zero" character after welc ...)

As soon as you have reached these steps, you are ready to install the FeaturePacks Manager tool.



Last Updated on Thursday, 02 April 2009 23:38