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Western digital Mybook Live is the 2010 NAS device generation. it has good performance (800MHZ/256MB) and can stream hd. It is a Network only NAS, as it has only a ethernet port, and no usb port.

You can easily install  more features on your Mybook Live using the feature pack manager :

Feature pack manager is a single-click installer , with a friendly user interface, displaying available feature packs  for your NAS. : 
Each feature pack is a ready to use set of tools, with an associated web interface for the configuration of the feature. Most of the time, configuration of these features is very easy.

the following feature packs  are availale for free on your Mybook Live :
    - transmission : download torrent files directly on your Mybook
    - AccessBook : share your photos, and other files  with your family and friends, manage your videos and add thumbnails and descriptions, remotely zip/unzip folder .. and others.

Some features will require that you register for the MybookLive (10€) : 
    - ABSkins : additional skins for AccessBook 
    - MP3 Audio : AccessBook Plugin that allows you to listen your music stored on the device remotely via internet ... ( planned 28/01/2011)
    - Cinedb : helps you find thumbnail and description for videos
    - NZBGET and nzbgetweb interface : download NEws files from binary news (planned end of january)
    - OpenVpn : access your Mybook from anywhere, as if you were at home viagra wiki.You can  also use your home internet connection to browse internet even if you are in a remote location.

Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 19:45