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AccessBook Installation Procedure

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Installation Procedure :

Prerequisies :
In order to install AccessBook, you need to install the Feature pack manager.

Installation :
connect to your Mybook Administration interface:

Click the Flower button to go to the FeaturePacks Installation page 
Install the Web Server+ Accessbook Feature PAck.

When Web Server and accessBook is installed, 
you can manage users who will have right to connect remotely via AccessBook in the 
WebServer/ManageUSers menu

For Security reasons, you will need to change immediately the admin password before you can use AccessBook.

Connect to the AccessBook Portal !

Create New Links

When connected as admin in AccessBook, you can create some new links : Click the Star !

Then choose one of the  link Types : File Manager or Photo gallery.

Fill in the requested information to finish the creation. (Mainly the path of shared folder)

Then give permissions to users by clicking the "user" icon and add users who needs to access the shared folder...


Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2011 12:16