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AccessBook Description

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AccessBook Features :

AccessBook is a portal for sharing data with your friends and accessing securely and remotely via web ( HTTPS).

When users connects to https://Mybook, they arrive to a list of links that is dynamically displayed depending on their user name.

AccessBook is a web Portal to give accesses to your Mybook
Each user can have a personnalized view of your Mybook. Links can be: Mybook Shared folders , Mybook Photo Gallery , or simple url.

AccessBook provides photo galleries
You can share some jpg photos with your friends. a thumbnail is created when photos are first viewed…

AccessBook provides File Management and File Sharing
You can share folders at any point of the mybook data :
you can share different folders with different users… You can offer more or less control on the shared folders : Read only, Modify , Execute Actions.
The file Manager allows you to upload thumbnails for any files ( by default .avi and .mkv files) , so that the files are published to your frineds with a nice thumbnail…
File Manager also allow you to launch remotely some commands like unrar, unpar etc…

AccessBook can be easily administered
An Administration Interface allows you to manage easily the creation and modification of all shared items and associated permissions.
The users are the same as users declared in the 3210 Admin tool for https access.

Enjoy your AccessBook Portal…

Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2011 12:15