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Install Feature Pack Manager

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The following procedure explains how to install the Feature pack manager (V2.X) : This installation is needed to be able to install any feature pack.

Installation Procedures;

1) launch internet Explorer on your Windows XP/Vista computer ( please start from a fresh internet explorer by closing all IE and launching a single new one.)
2) Copy paste the following url by changing with your Mybook IP Address :

(Mybook-IP-Adress should be something like 192.168.X.X )
You will be redirected to the Western Digital "Shared Storage Manager" interface :

Click the button "Click to Download and install"
wait a few minutes without touching the interface ( typically 2-3 minutes) :

the following message is displayed :


CLOSE the Shared Storage Manager Internet Explorer.

Connect to your PUBLIC share and check the log file \\Mybook-IP-Adress\PUBLIC\MBWE-WebServer.log
This file should contain " Now Installing Web Server —- " and the installation logs.


Now, you can start using the Mybook Core features by connecting to the following url  :



Use the same user and password as for the standard Western Digital Admin interface to connect.




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