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Ugrade to Feature Pack Manager v2.0

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If you have hacked your Mybook before  May 2010, you will have to upgrade to feature pack V2.0 : This interface will propose you all your existing feature packs, and a simple interface to add new ones or upgrade to newer versions.

A major change is that the password to connect to https://IPaddress:3210 will now be the same as the password used to connect to the standard Western digital interface.

Also, if you were using the WebServer and AccessBook, you will need to upgrade the WebServer Feature pack to the latest version, as new users needs to be declared in the Feature packs menu now. ( Your declared users /password will  not be lost ) .

Other feature packs are left untouched, but i plan to release new versions, that will be automatically available via the Feature pack manager V2.

How can you know if you have the Feature pack Manager V1  or V2 ?

V1 : when you connect to https://ipaddress:3210, a list of links , are displayed to allow you to create new users or to connect to the Feature pack manager.
V2 when you connect to  https://ipaddress:3210, you directly connects to the feature pack manager. when you click the Flower button, the list of installed and available feature packs are displayed and there is an "install" button in front of each installable feature pack.
Also, the System_Configuration feature pack will appear as V2.X

if you do not use already the Feature Pack Manager V2.0  ( you have hacked your Mybook before may 2010) , please upgrade :
- connect to https://ipaddress:3210
- go to the Mybook/Install Feature Pack menu
- copy paste the url in the Featurepack installer

then, go to the Upgrade menu, and click Upgrade now.

When the upgrade is done, all the available feature packs will be displayed and you will be able to Install new feature packs or upgrade existing to newer versions...

if you are  a registered user, you also need to register the Feature pack manager V2 :
you can retrieve your registration code from the following url :


Last Updated on Monday, 02 August 2010 23:41