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Uninstall Feature Pack Manager

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If you want to uninstall the Feature pack Manager, follow these steps :


1) Uninstall each feature , using the associated uninstall Button.

2) connect via PUTTY to the Mybook

3) launch the following commands :

rm -R /proto/SxM_webui/fpkmgr

mv  /proto/SxM_webui/index.php.ori /proto/SxM_webui/index.php

4) note that the best wway to wipe out your Mybook to factory settings is to perform a firmware upgrade :

Go to the Western Digital Firmware upgrade, then upgrade.

if you have the message " No new firmware available" , then you can apply the following commands :

mv /etc/version /etc/version.ori

echo 01.00.14>/etc/version

then go to the standard Western Digital firmware upgrade and retry to perform a firmware upgrade..


Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 July 2010 15:37  
Comments (4)
UPDATE Firmware
4 Saturday, 31 December 2011 13:31
I´ve got a question:
I use your package and i´m very happy with it, but now i want to do the update 01.02.12 for the MyBook cause of the OS X Lion Time Machine bug, but i´m scared to do this.

Is it possible to do the update from the user interface of the MyBook without any problems or should i uninstall the feature Pack first?

Hi, i would recommend that you uninstall all feature packs before you upgrade, except the WebServer feature pack.

but you must be aware that all configurations will be lost ! ( including web server user and passwords )
if you have not uninstalled the Webserver feature pack, the links definition should not be deleted.

if you want to keep the users and passwords for the Web Server Feature pack :
on the Live Mybook:
before the firmware upgrade :
cp /usr/local/fpkmgr/Web_Server/WebUsers.htdigest.user /shares/Public
cp /usr/local/fpkmgr/Web_Server/ /shares/Public

after the firmware upgrade, and after you have reinstalled the feature pack manager, you can restore the user database using the following commands :

cp /shares/Public/WebUsers.htdigest.user /usr/local/fpkmgr/Web_Server
cp /shares/Public/ /usr/local/fpkmgr/Web_Server

also, be sure to delete the files in the public folder , in order to prevent anyone else to look at these infos :
rm /shares/Public/WebUsers.htdigest.user
rm /shares/Public/

please, let me know if you use a different mybook model.

Wish you a Happy New Year
Unistall and boot problem
3 Wednesday, 10 November 2010 16:17
I followed the 4th step and system after written that had a succesfull upgrade, the system stops boot at first light and does a booting loop.
teinturman :
Hello, apparently, the Mybook stopped working during the firmware upgrade ?
this is the Western digital script... normally, it should not fail except if you unplug the mybook during the operation, or it looses the network...
if ever your disk was really no longer booting, i can only see the MybookRescue tool as a solution...
help on getting transmission running again
2 Monday, 08 March 2010 05:35
i installed transmission prior to doing a mwbe update.. so i decided to uninstall trans and then do the update , but now that i reinstalled tran, i cant connect to the web interface.

also idid not complete remove your pack manager as i ddint know where do i access the "mybookindex.php.ori in Putty

teinturman : Hello,
i do not fully understand what you try to do :
if you want to have Transmission up and running, then i think you should not uninstall the feature pack manager, simply uninstall/reiunstall the Transmission feature pack and everything will work fine.
if you cannot access the web interface, (this may occur just after the installation), stopping/starting transmission from the Transmission will solve the problem.
if you have started uninstalling the feature pack manager, then , you should fully reinstall it ...
1 Sunday, 07 February 2010 20:00
and now i get "500 Internal Error
Something unexpected went wrong running a CGI program. " in the browser

but i have an access on the folders

teinturman : have you used the commands that i proviude or have you upgraded firmware ?
please, use the contact form, so that we will be in contact for solving this problem.

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