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Configure Remote Access

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How to configure Remote Access to your AccessBook (in order to be able to browse your data from anywhere in the world ) :

In order to allow remote connection to your AccessBook Application, it is needed to forward 2 ports (TCP 443 and TCP 8080) from your Home Router to your Mybook :

What does it mean ? All 443 and 8080 traffic coming to your Router / InternetBox will be forwarded to the internal ip address of your Mybook :

Before you start, you should note the internal and external ip address of your Mybook :

Internal IpAddress :  192.168.X.X

External Ip Address : 174.X.X.X 

( click the following link from your home windows computer to automatically detect your External ip address : )


Then , connect to your Router / Box Administration interface, and search "Port Forwarding Option"

configure this option to Forward port TCP 443 to the internal IP Address, port TCP 443.

Do the same with port 8080


If you have a router , you can check the following sites which gives detailed instruction for a large range of routers :

Select your Router from the list,

Click the "Skip Advertisement" link

Select "HTTPS" from the list of applications displayed

Follow the displayed instructions on your Home Router.


Other Notes :  

If you want to understand deeper what opening ports means, you can read this guide :

More generally, if i use technical terms you do not understand, there are several guides here which intends to explains how it works.


As soon as you have done this configuration, you can test by typing :



should display the AccessBook Interface



Should display "Hello World".

Additional infos :
You can check the following schemas also, to better understand how the remote access works :
Schema of Standard Configuration description : a visual schema of open ports on your Mybook

Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2011 12:11