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Mybook World Whitelight

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The Western Digital White Light Mybook World  Edition hard disk is a good  performance NAS (better than  the Blue ring version ).

If you want to get more than simply accessing your files via the network, you may want to install some of the great additional features that can be configured on such devices. These features are usually only provided with expensive NAS devices, but it is possible to install these on a cheap Mybook World device... ( torrent downloader, News downloader, Access your files from anywhere via a secure web interface (Not MIONET!), share your files with friends in a very nice looking way ( photo galleries, thumbnails and descriptions on files,web file manager ) provide a web portal, with personnalized access depending on your friends login,  instantly move files remotely , connect to Your Mybook as if you were at home with full features , using openvpn( except bandwidth)...

Objective of this site is to provide a simple way of installing these features on your Mybook, even if you are not a computer expert. As soon as you have installed the Feature Pack Manager, you can choose which feature you want on your Mybook , click the install button to install  it automatically, configure it via a friendly user interface. If you no longer want the feature, you can uninstall it by a simple click on the "uninstall" button.

Installing the Feature Pack Manager  is very easy and the procedure is very detailed. Each Feature Pack is described, with screen shots, so you can check before installing. I also release new Feature Packs from time to time, these will be immediately available from your Feature Pack Manager interface. Note that some of the features will require that you make some configuration changes (port forwarding) on your Router/Internet Box ( a tutorial is provided to explain how to do that ) .

Disclaimer : Use at your own risks ! : I perform as much testing as i can, and i design the following tools mainly for my own Mybook but i cannot guarantee Zero bug tools . Applying any of the modifications that are described in this site may cancel your Western Digital Warranty. Do not use any of the provided tools/information  if your Mybook contains any critical data , security critical informations, Human life dependant or if your job depends on your Mybook. Use at your own risks. 

When installing the  FeaturePacks Manager you will get :

  - A simple to use Feature Pack Installer which will allow to install features to your Mybook with simple clicks... 

   - System  Information Feature Pack : Running processes, network info, startup scripts and list of installed ipkg packages.

Current available Feature Packs :  

   - NO-IP Feature Pack : if you have Dynamic ip address, you will need this NO-IP client tool to maintain your public name up to date. It is needed to have a no-ip account to use this featurePack.

   -Transmission Feature Pack : Torrent Downloader :  use the transmission web interface to request torrent downloads.

   - Web Server and AccessBook . : Remotely, securely  and fastly access all your data, launch remotely commands on your Mybook, move files within the Mybook easily by copy pasting, provide a simple to use portal to your friends so that they can access only what they are allowed to ...  

Available Feature Packs for Donators ( Feature Packs Manager registered)  :

 - NZBGET : News Downloader  drop a nzb file in the Public\NZB\nzb folder to download news binary files...

 - Cinedb : Retrieve description and thumbnails from several movies databases on the web

 - Openvpn : Access remotely your Mybook as if you were at home, with all features ( but slower) , you can even connect to other computers at home remotely ...

 - Neuf Mediacenter : If you own a french Neuf box, you may use this feature pack to stream music and video to your NeufBox.

 - MybookClone Feature Pack : Back up your system and data to an external hard drive . Incase of Hard disk failure, you can replace the failing Hard drive with the external one. This Feature Pack can also be used for upsizing your Mybook 's Hard drive easily.

 Follow the installation procedure here to install the Feature Pack Manager :

Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 19:45