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  • Default font size
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Check that your Mybook can be upgraded...

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The following instructions explains how to safely test if your Mybook can be upgraded.
If this test is successfull, then you can apply the Core Features Installation Procedure.

Check that your Mybook is ready for the upgrade :
1) launch internet Explorer on your Windows XP/Vista computer ( please start from a fresh internet explorer by closing all IE and launching a single new one.)
2) Copy paste the following url by changing with your Mybook IP Address :


 (Mybook-IP-Adress should be something like 192.168.X.X )
You will be redirected to the Western Digital "Shared Storage Manager" interface :

Click the button "Click to Download and install" then Wait without touching the interface
wait a few seconds ( typically 30 seconds) :

the following message is displayed :


CLOSE the Shared Storage Manager Internet Explorer.

Connect to your PUBLIC share and open the log file file://[MYBOOK-IP-ADDRESS]/PUBLIC/MBWE-Get-In-test.log
This file should contain " Congratulation : Firmware upgrade test is successfull ! ! ! "

If it is the case, then your Mybook can be upgraded with Core Features....


Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2009 20:35