Mybook World and Mybook Live Features Packs

Great Features for your Mybook in few clicks

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Great Features for your Mybook !

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Install Great Features and tools on your  
Mybook Live   , Mybook World Bluering and Mybook World Whitelight


These Network devices can be enhanced with great features :  Feature packs for Mybook World are easy to install and easy to use packages that will install  features and tools  to your Mybook :  All features have a nice web interface so that you can configure it easily. Feature packs are installed by simply clicking an "install" button !

Install / Uninstall  Great features for your Mybook via single click install buttons and access to web interfaces to manage your feature packs ... 

Browse and search your files remotely with very fast performance  with AccessBook, 
provide a nice web portal to family and friends where they can view files they have access.

Remotely access your photos or stream music from the mybook, Browse your files with thumbnails and description...

Backup automatically, everyday your files to an external usb disk for the bluering and whitelight Mybook!

Perform automated Filecopies via Network (Mybook live) , copying only modified files every day or every week to a samba share...

Install other tools like Transmission or nzbget to download directly to the Mybook without the need of a running computer...

Install a upnp server on your Mybook ( ushare or mediatomb  )  or configure your mybook to be accessible from Neufmediacenter or Roksbox ...

Remotely access your Mybook , ( and even your other home devices) securely with openVpn feature pack...

Plug your usb printer to your mybook Bluering and print from any computer at home with the CUPS feature pack ...

In case of emergency , you can use the easy to use Rescue tool ( Windows Based)  for Mybook World Whitelight single drive and mybook World Bluering ( Single or double drive) :

 Mybook Live feature packs are compatible with the latest firmware version of Mybook Live and is compatible with WD photo and WD2go features from Western digital...

Select your mybook Model for more informations to have detailed information and instructions :

Feature pack manager installation procedure for Mybook World Edition Whitelight (Single or double drive) 

Feature pack Manager installation for Mybook World Edition BlueRing ( Single or Double Drive)

Feature pack Manager installation for Mybook Live

AccessBook portal is provided for free,
Transmission is also provided for free on the Whitelihgt and live.
Nzbget is free for the bluering
other feature packs will require paypal donation...

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